Traffic Academy: Get In the Driver’s Seat! (Part 2)

In part 2 of our traffic academy, you'll learn the best paid traffic methods to use. From Facebook ads and banner ads to solo ads, and PPC advertising! The post Traffic Academy: Get In the Driver’s Seat! (Part 2) appeared first on Snaptactix.

Start The Year Off Right: Clean Your List

As an email and digital marketer, one of the most important metrics of your business is the size of your email list. It's time to clean your list properly! The post Start The Year Off Right: Clean Your List appeared first on Snaptactix.

4 Proven Ways to Create Powerful Headlines

You need powerful headlines! Up to 80% of people will take one look at your headline and if it doesn't capture them, they won't read another word... The post 4 Proven Ways to Create Powerful Headlines appeared first on Snaptactix.

How to Make Your Content Easy to Share

Content needs to be easy to share. Check out these 10 simple tips and be sure your content is optimized for share-ability! The post How to Make Your Content Easy to Share appeared first on Snaptactix.

I Made $5,000 in 12 Hours With a Small Audience

I just had my best course launch EVER, and with a much, much smaller audience than I have on this site. About a month ago, I had a 4-day launch sale for a new course called POD Niche Site Success. In the first 12 hours, I generated $5,000 profit, which is more than I did […]

My First $3,000 Month With My Ecommerce Brand

Can you believe it’s been a YEAR since my last blog update? I have no idea how many of you will even read this, so I’ll just start out by saying helloooooooo to anyone reading this post. …..all three of you! LOL!! Before I jump in, let me touch on some personal things. Many of […]

Why I Removed My 2Create Courses & More Updates!

Heeeeey everyone! Long time no “see!” I wanted to update you all on some things since it’s been a while since I’ve posted. The number one email I’ve received in the last few months has been regarding my 2Create courses. You may have noticed that most of them have been set to “private.” After my […]

Passive Income Shifts & What My Marketing DNA Test Results Revealed

Whew! Life took an unexpected turn in early March, and my focus went from being a full-time entrepreneur to a full-time caretaker. My dad, who has lived a life with near perfect health, got very sick, very quickly. He went from being in perfect health on a Friday, March 2nd, to being near death the […]

My Income Evolution Online, Personal Growth & More!

Ya know… it’s been so long since I blogged here, I almost forgot my WordPress password. 🙂 How’s your 2018 been going for you? Mine has been super busy but extremely productive and more profitable than I expected. So I thought I’d catch you up on lessons I’ve learned with my new site, struggles, personal […]

Earning With The Amazon Influencer Program and Tutorial

Now that Merch By Amazon has likely frozen the uploads for the rest of the year, that has given me time to catch up on things I’ve neglected… Like this blog! 🙂 Have you joined Amazon’s Influencer Program yet? It’s been out for many months now, but they recently opened it up to more people […]

Google Warns: Secure Your Site By October or Else…

If you don’t want the Chrome browser scaring your visitors away, here’s what you need to know… Pages with any kind of form field on them should start with https:// instead of http://. The “s” stands for secure and encrypts any data submitted through your website’s forms. If you aren’t using encryption on those pages, […]

How WordPress Exposes Your Admin Username & How to Fix It!

I received an alarming DM from one of my e-buddies, Darren of Small Biz Geek. This is what it said… Say whaaaaaaaaat? Now, I will say this… I know not to ever use “admin” for my username, and I’m aware of the nickname issue. What’s the nickname issue, you ask? Always change your admin nickname […]

New Site. New Strategies. New Lessons for YOU!

My T-shirt tutorial website is live and I have never been more excited about a website launch! Why? Because for the first time I feel like I’m doing things in the RIGHT order. Even though 2 Create a Website has had tremendous amounts of success, I always felt like I did a lot of things […]

Why Discounting & Using Udemy Was An Awful Long-Term Strategy

Oh boy. It’s time for me to eat some crow. And that’s REALLY difficult for me to do because I have a fear of certain birds. 🙂 Anyway… There are articles all over the Web about why discounting your products is bad. I ignored them and thought that was odd advice. Some of you warned me about […]

Here Are the Top Affiliate Products to Sell in 2020

[UPDATED] Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful money making gigs you could take on these days. But first, a bitter truth about the state of things: Spending goes down at the start of every year, but the market for products that are both niche and popular is rarely ever doom and gloom. So […]

Becoming An Awesome Property Manager

During the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone has been feeling a little bit anxious. Property managers definitely have their hands full with dealing with collecting rent from many who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.  This paints landlords as “bad guys,” but there are some things you can do during this pandemic to help you […]

How to Avoid Costly Data Breach in Your Startup

With the integration of new technology in businesses, data breaches and privacy vulnerabilities have become quite common. One study attributed 27% of data breaches to “human error.” The same study reported that 25% of data breaches are due to “system glitches.” These data breaches do not come without a cost. An estimated 7.91 million dollars […]

How to Give Your New Business a Boost

Starting a new business is exciting. The prospect of crafting a service, building it from the ground up and letting it out into the world is exhilarating, but at the same time, starting a new business can be daunting, scary and difficult. Any average Joe or Jane can start their own company; in fact, starting […]

How to Save up Money Fast (Even With a Tight Budget)

If you’re on a tight budget and struggling to save money then you’re not alone. A whole 23 percent of Americans have no savings while a further 22 percent only have three months’ worth of money saved. It doesn’t have to be this way. Sure, it’s difficult to put money aside when you’re living month to month, but by keeping […]

5 Pro Tips to Investing for the Beginner

Investing is one of the best ways to build wealth. When it comes to the stock market, it can seem tempting to throw all of your money into a brokerage account and start buying stocks. However, you’ll have to be careful because you can lose all of your money just as quickly as you deposited […]

Why Renting a Car to Travel the USA Is Profitable?

Today, car rental is not a luxury but a real necessity. This way of traveling is finding more and more fans, both in Europe and in the USA. Why is it happening? If you love traveling comfortably using modern serviceable cars, you will definitely enjoy the car rental service NYC. Affordable tariffs, premium cars, door-to-door […]

How to Destress After Working From Home

Thanks to advancements in modern technology, it’s never been easier to work from home. In fact, almost half of American adults worked from home at least occasionally in 2019. But for many of us, working from home is the norm. While working from home offers many benefits and conveniences, it can also make it that much […]

How to Take Care of Your Physical & Mental Health While Working from Home

There are some challenges you don’t quite understand until you’re in them. Working from home sounds like a dream until you’re faced with a pile of laundry that needs to be folded and a Netflix queue that’s calling your name. You’re home, but you have all these deadlines and responsibilities looming over your head. And […]

5 Key Benefits of Managed SEO Services

On average, Google changes its search algorithm over 500 times per year. That means that every time you think you know the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices to implement, the algorithm has likely already changed. As a business owner with countless other tasks on your plate, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the […]

How to Buy Stocks From the Comfort of Your Home

Trading stocks can be an excellent way to bring in passive income. With the numerous available online trading platforms and apps today, online stock trading has never been easier. This guide gives an overview of how you can buy stocks from the comfort of your home. Choose a Trading Platform To get started trading stocks […]

The Only Local SEO Guide You’ll Ever Need

Almost one-third of all mobile searches are location-based. Within two years, searches with the phrase “near me” practically doubled. Every time someone searches your product or service, you have the chance to appear. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can make sure visitors see your website on search engines like Google. Then, you can attract […]

4 Start From Home Jobs

Many people live their lives from paycheck to paycheck and find themselves needing more money. It can be hard trying to get in some overtime at your job, which means you may have to find another way to receive some more income. You could start your own business at home in order to help out […]

5 Key Elements of a Truly Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Wouldn’t it be great to see some business growth? If you know how to run a digital marketing campaign, your chances for success go up exponentially! If this is the first time you’re running a campaign, you might have some questions. Namely, where the heck do you even begin? Be sure to keep reading, because […]

How to do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Building a website can be time-consuming and quite expensive.  That’s why many affiliate marketers are now looking for ways to skip this step. However, if you think about it, affiliate marketing without a website might seem difficult, if not downright impossible. Affiliate marketing is an arrangement between two parties – the affiliate and the online […]

Is A CBD Affiliate Program Worth It?

Thanks to the technological developments, people are nowadays presented with various options of making some bucks. The online world is full of possibilities. You just have to learn how to use those possibilities to your advantage. Affiliate marketing is one of the possibilities I have in mind. It’s made a lot of people really happy […]

Taking Your Mind Off Work

At the end of a long, hard day, most people want to switch off and forget about work – but this is often easier said than done. With so many of us working from home these days, it can be even harder to make the distinction between your home life and working life. People switch […]

How to Present Your Business on Social Media

Too many business owners neglect the valuable marketing assets that social media has to offer. Gone are the days of standalone business cards and television commercials. Everyone is online now. Roughly half of the entire world’s population uses social media. Do you know how to present your business on social media? There are right and […]

6 Best Online Side Jobs for Making Extra Money

With side hustles rising in popularity, it makes you wonder how many people have side jobs aside from the ones they work with. Roughly 70 million Americans have side jobs as per the latest survey. This constitutes 45% of working Americans, the statistic rising to 50% if you look at millennials. The impression that usually […]

Why People Avoid Remote Jobs

Working from home is starting to become popular. This is due to the sheer fact that a lot of people have been forced to stay home due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. The virus has caused countries to lock down their borders and sit tight, waiting for the development of vaccine and quelching of infection […]

The 15 Most Profitable Items to Sell Online in 2020

Are you and your brand looking for something new and profitable to sell online? If you’re selling products online, you want to sell something with high demand and a growing market. If you’re looking for hot items to start selling you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the most profitable items […]

Story Time! How to Make the Most of Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms to date, and it just keeps getting better. One of the IG features that people love the most is the Instagram stories. According to studies, approximately 500 million IG accounts use Instagram stories each day. Wow, that’s a lot of storytelling! If you haven’t used […]

What You Should Do if You Are Injured and Can’t Work

Employers are very keen to ensure they have the right health and safety measures in place; after all, no one wants to have an accident happen to their employees (or members of the public). However, even with the best measures in place, accidents can still sometimes happen and when they do they can be life […]

New Merchants for August

August has been a busy month for AvantLink, with 17 new merchants added to our network so far. We have The post New Merchants for August appeared first on AvantLink : Affiliate Marketing.

What are the consequences of a man overdosing Viagra

We usually use “eating Viagra” to describe men who are excited. Many people think Viagra has an aphrodisiac effect, but in fact Viagra, as a drug for treating erectile dysfunction, is not an aphrodisiac. Taking Viagra can improve men’s erectile function pornhub xxx video. Today we will discuss the consequences of men who overdose Viagra. […] The post What are the consequences of a man overdosing Viagra appeared first on Adotas.

1 Way to Work Email Successfully

Read every single word of short, concise emails from fellow bloggers and take your fellow blogger at their word. This means, believe the words. This also means, trust the bloggers. […]

Why Do I Love E-Bikes So Much?

In a recent post, I blogged about how I’ve owned 4 electric bikes in the past couple of years and have spent over $9,000 CAD on them (yikes!). In this blog post, I’m going to explain why I love them so much. I am not a bike rider. I don’t own any spandex, I hadn’t […]

10 Useful and Budget-Friendly Business Growth Ideas

For the success and stability of the company, constant enhancements must be made. Things like proper advertising through media platforms, unique business cards or otherwise, consistent monitoring of cash flows, recognizing a place for betterment, requesting the assistance of such thing, and most importantly, concentrating on those aspects that can be the most important gaining […]

3 Types of Trading and What They Mean to Investors

There are several types of stock trading strategies that a trader can participate in. Each type offers unique benefits, and understanding the different types of stocks is important to being a successful investor. Here we discuss a few of the most popular types of stock trading strategies, what they mean, and why stockholders use these […]

How Education Needs to Address the Impact of Technology

Technology continues to be a driving force behind major economic, industrial, and consumer trends. The field of education hasn’t escaped its impact either. While many people head to college to enhance their job options, those who have made a career out of working in academics will find the landscape changing over the next several years. […]

How to Send a Follow Up Email for Press Releases

Many businesses that are beginning to use PR campaigns often forget to follow up with journalists. Following up with journalists to ensure they see your press release should take up most of the time you allotted to pitching PR firms. It is important to remember that journalists often get more than a hundred emails every […]

The Top 7 Jobs You Can Start from Home Today

The COVID crisis has seen a fast shift in the way that life happens, everything from simple daily tasks like shopping, and going out to meet friends for a drink, all the way through to how we work. Some people will be missing the bustle of the office and cannot wait to get back to […]

6 Steps For Successfully Starting A Business From Home

Do you want to run a home-based business one day? Well, you’re not alone. 30.2 million small businesses operate in the US already and new ones are starting up all the time. However, aspirations can only get you so far! Knowing how to start a home business is vital if you’re ever going to make your […]

Strategically Using Finance to Accelerate Your Small Business Growth

When you have a small business and work from home (pajamas are optional), then it’s important to avoid becoming stagnant. That applies to you and your business. Too much time behind the desk without getting outside to enjoy some fresh air and different scenery are not healthy. But, also, so is failing to push your […]

20+ Profitable High Ticket Affiliate Programs For Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketers often put a considerable amount of effort, time, and money to promote products and services and net a handsome commission on the side. It’s a great way for companies to boost sales, and affiliate marketing makes it easy for individuals to make money by simply promoting products that they admire. There are quite […]

4 Brilliant Money Saving Tricks

For many, saving money is an art-form. There are many different tricks and life hacks that people use to help them save a fortune and make a tidy profit. This can range from manipulating discounts in your favor, to creating a passive income that can lead to you earning money as you sleep. Here are […]

The 3 Downsides Of Having A Remote Workforce

Many people were not looking to work remotely, but were thrust into it because of the pandemic. In fact, there are certain people that were trying to avoid working remotely.  Which means that it can be very difficult to have your work force working remotely. When there are people who aren’t used to working a […]

New Merchants For September

We have 11 new merchants added to our network so far this September. Read about them below, and stay tuned The post New Merchants For September appeared first on AvantLink : Affiliate Marketing.

Enfold Theme Review – ThemeForest

Time to learn about the famous Enfold theme in detail as I’m sharing a detailed review of the same. The product is available on ThemeForest platform and has managed to get over 121k sales in last four years. It’s also been one of the top used themes for new bloggers looking to create a professional […] The post Enfold Theme Review – ThemeForest appeared first on

Should You Use PLR Articles On Your Blog?

Blogging demands constant content updating. Every authority blog you see around update their content on a daily basis. However, it may happen once in a while that you are out of blogging ideas and may consider using PLR articles as an alternative. What Are PLR Articles? PLR (Private Label Rights) articles are those which can […] The post Should You Use PLR Articles On Your Blog? appeared first on

Grow Your Mailing List with PopUp Domination

Ask just about any successful Internet marketer and he or she will tell you that it is of utmost importance to build up a strong mailing list. There is just so much you can do with all those email addresses, especially since everyone on the list has opted in and likely will not view your […] The post Grow Your Mailing List with PopUp Domination appeared first on

Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate in Google Analytics: What’s the Difference Between These 2 Metrics?

Google Analytics offers a world of insight into how visitors interact with your website. Not to be confused with Google Search Console, it’s a free website analytics solution offered to webmasters by Google. While you can use it to see how much traffic your website generates, Google Analytics provides deeper metrics like bounce rate and […] The post Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate in Google Analytics: What’s the Difference Between These 2 Metrics? appeared first on

Squarespace Review – Is This Hosted Website Builder Worth It?

When it comes to website building, there are so many great drag and drop website builder options at your disposal it can feel like picking a needle out of a haystack. However, if you’re looking for a beautifully designed website, Squarespace leads the pack and can be your platform of choice. This is our Squarespace […] The post Squarespace Review – Is This Hosted Website Builder Worth It? appeared first on

Serexin – 2020 Male Enhancement Pills#1, Customer Reviews

Sexual health issues have become the biggest problem today. Especially men who struggle day to night, always put pressure on the brain, which affects sexual and mental health. Depressive stress and restlessness are the main sources of sexual diseases. Sex is the most important part of everyone’s life. Sex is the need of the body. […] The post Serexin – 2020 Male Enhancement Pills#1, Customer Reviews appeared first on Adotas.

The Highest-Paying Affiliate Programs to Help Your Site Bring In Extra Money

Affiliate marketing programs are the quiet driver of a lot of e-commerce. While advertisers can get attention for big banner ads on major websites or fill your inbox with email marketing campaigns, business owners of digital products know that affiliate programs are a major key for attracting new customers. That’s great for you, because these […] The post The Highest-Paying Affiliate Programs to Help Your Site Bring In Extra Money appeared first on

Say NO To Tesla at South OC Cars and Coffee

On this episode of South OC Cars and Coffee, I checked out all the supercars including the Ferrari’s new “affordable” GT car, the Roma. Simon, the founder of South OC Cars and Coffee, says NO to Tesla. The post Say NO To Tesla at South OC Cars and Coffee first appeared on John Chow dot Com.

What Changes Do You Need To Make To Your Email Marketing Campaign During A Crisis?

As businesses slowly shift in order to comply with the “new normal”, marketers are making changes to their campaign strategies in order to address the needs of their audience. For […] The post What Changes Do You Need To Make To Your Email Marketing Campaign During A Crisis? appeared first on Blog: A Complete Guide to Blogging in 2020.

BuySellAds Review: Take Your Direct Ad Income To The Next Level

Choosing an advertising network for your website can be a daunting task for any publisher. Direct advertising sounds appealing, but it’s not always easy to find. BuySellAds is a platform that does just that – provides direct advertisement to publishers by serving as a middleman. They’re not your average ad network and come with some […] The post BuySellAds Review: Take Your Direct Ad Income To The Next Level appeared first on

Adsense Alternatives: Don’t Rely On Google Adsense Alone

If you’ve decided it’s time to monetize your blog or website, you’re probably interested to know more about the available advertisement placement options. For many, Google AdSense is one of the first choices, but it’s not the only solution out there. There are many reasons why you’d prefer to explore your options. Google AdSense has […] The post Adsense Alternatives: Don’t Rely On Google Adsense Alone appeared first on

When to Shift from Home-Working to Office-Working

Working in one’s pajamas is certainly the dream of many millions of people worldwide. It’s a fantasy that might have convinced you to quit your office job to start your very own business from home – or, for many freelancers, it’s something that’s been a reality for many flexible and fun years. But, for business […]

3 Steps to Starting a Side Hustle During COVID-19

COVID-19 has done a number on everyone. People living in different areas and working in different industries are all feeling the effects and having to make changes. Rather than contracting in fear, this is the perfect time for you to spread your wings and get a small business off the ground. If this trying time […]

Bitcoin Business Strategy: How to Start Accepting Bitcoin

At least a third of small and medium-sized businesses in the US accept cryptocurrency. Should you join them? How do you become a Bitcoin business? Find out here what you need to know to profit from Bitcoin business opportunities. Create a Bitcoin Wallet To start accepting Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin address where customers will […]

Affiliate Marketing on a Small Budget: 5 Strategies to Stretch Your Dollar

Having an endless budget to spend on testing different campaigns, traffic sources, is every affiliate’s dream. However, as beginner, you’re likely to have a small budget with a specific number in mind that you don’t want to go over. Even … The post Affiliate Marketing on a Small Budget: 5 Strategies to Stretch Your Dollar appeared first on MaxBounty Blog.

5 Working Methods to Organically Rank Your Site Higher in Google

With more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, not only is there more content and competition than ever before, but it’s also now harder to […] The post 5 Working Methods to Organically Rank Your Site Higher in Google appeared first on Blog: A Complete Guide to Blogging in 2020.

Running a Care Home: The Essentials You Shouldn’t Do Without

If you are running a care home, the following essentials are emotions, supplies and experience that you cannot do without. The care profession is a rewarding one, but it does not come without its sacrifices; the willingness to devote time and effort to the lives of others requires a mentally strong human being.  It also […]

The Functions of an EPR System

Enterprise resource management (EPR) uses technology to manage business operations. Given the competition resulting from technological advancements, every business needs to have an EPR system in place. Manufacturing ERP provides business owners with the right system to manage activities in real-time. Inventory Management Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of a business. If inventory […]

New Merchants for October

We have 18 new brands in our network so far for the month of October! Read all about them below, The post New Merchants for October appeared first on AvantLink : Affiliate Marketing.

How Affiliates Can Adapt to Google’s Decreased Search Term Visibility

Earlier this Fall, Google made alterations to the search terms report in their Google Ads platform. “We are updating the search terms report to only include terms that were searched by a significant number of users. As a result you … The post How Affiliates Can Adapt to Google’s Decreased Search Term Visibility appeared first on MaxBounty Blog.


Today I am happy to announce the release of my new EP ‘PRETTY DARK‘. This EP features 5 songs I wrote and recorded during the 2020 quarantine. I’ve also released the first video for the first song ‘I Can’t Live’. You can click here to see it on YouTube or watch it below. All songs […] The post New EP ‘PRETTY DARK’ appeared first on Malan Darras.

A guide to boosting customer satisfaction to encourage customer loyalty

Ensuring customer satisfaction should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind as, simply put, a happy customer equals more sales. In addition to this, satisfied customers are more likely to want to return to your business in the future, forging a strong sense of customer loyalty. However, it can soon become overwhelming trying […]

Open New Business Scopes with an Electronic Signature

The flight from Atlanta to Washington and back takes 12 hours. Are you ready to spend so much time to sign documents? SignNow is an American electronic signature provider. With SignNow, you can sign pdf documents or agreements without leaving your office. Just select the document you want on your computer and then sign it […]