Should You Use PLR Articles On Your Blog?

Blogging demands constant content updating. Every authority blog you see around update their content on a daily basis. However, it may happen once in a while that you are out of blogging ideas and may consider using PLR articles as an alternative.

What Are PLR Articles?

PLR (Private Label Rights) articles are those which can be bought with a wholesale price and they are resold repeatedly. It means that if a bundle of 100 PLR articles are bought by 10 bloggers, all the 10 blogs can publish the same content from the PLR article bundle.

Buying PLR articles were a huge craze in the past and seeing by the number of mini PLR marketplaces around, one is disposed to think that many new or intermediate bloggers are still using PLR articles regularly.

Should You Use PLR Articles in Your Blog?

By asking “In” your blog, I mean using the PLR articles for purposes related to blog marketing. Therefore, my answer would be both YES & NO.

Why YES?

You can use the PLR articles for article directory submissions. Leave out popular article directories like Ezine and Associated Content because they have changed their policies and thus, they don’t accept PLR articles. Nevertheless, there are thousands of article directories out there where you can submit the PLR articles and gain traffic.

The cost of PLR articles is very less. For a bundle of 50 articles, you may be asked to pay $10. With some editing, they are good to go for article directories. On the other hand, if you hire a writer, the writer will charge at least $10 per article for article directories. So instead of spending $500, you are spending $10 but remember, the PLR articles will not offer
“quality” content.

Why NO?

You should not use the PLR articles on your blog “as it is” because you will seriously jeopardize not only your blog but your reputation too. Further, not every PLR article has quality content. Most of them are just mindless scribbling, so be sure from whom you are buying them.

Again, you can buy PLR articles to get some ideas on your niche topic if you are running out of them. A friend of mine buys and sells PLR articles. When she buys them, she uses the PLR articles to gain topic ideas and then write on her own.

PLR articles are at their best only “filler content”. Personally, I don’t buy them. If you buy them with the purpose to publish them on your blog, make sure:

a) You don’t publish it “as it is”.

b) You edit them rigorously to maintain your blog quality.

c) You use them to develop ideas.

…that’s it.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are multiple ways to you can get PLR articles for your blog. There are pros and cons to using these types of articles, but overall, I would suggest you just write your own content and focus on quality instead of quantity.