Read every single word of short, concise emails from fellow bloggers and take your fellow blogger at their word. This means, believe the words. This also means, trust the bloggers. Take them at their word. If they say something, they mean it. Working email successfully means opening genuine communication channels between bloggers. Being genuine, open and on the same wavelength allows you to be efficient, effective and on point.

In essence, reading and processing every word in short, concise emails lets you save time. More importantly, doing this helps you to avoid wasting time. I scanned my email a few moments ago. I labelled a few emails as spam. Why? I did not allow mindless bloggers to steal my time with their replies.

I email any blogger interested in guest posting, link placement or ad options for Blogging From Paradise this message:

“Hi 🙂 Please read: (insert link to my ad page).”

My ad page lists all prices, requirements and clearly states how I label all bargaining, bartering or budgeting email replies as spam, immediately. I then delete the emails. My ad page also states to ONLY reply if you will pay my rates and work with me. I am not kidding. I mean it. Foolishly, a few bloggers did not read all of my ad page copy and more foolishly, did not take me and my words, seriously. The fools did not take me at my word. Guess what happened? These few folks did not work email successfully because me labeling their mindless replies as spam moves them one step closer to guaranteeing ALL of their emails wind up in spam or junk folders.

Mindfully reading and trusting all words in my email would both save their time and their email handle because like folks who do not reply if they cannot work with me, being mindful, respecting my words and respecting my time saves your time.

Read every single word in short emails. Slow down. Calm down. Be mindful. Trust bloggers. If I advise you that I spam all emails sent from bloggers not ready to pay my rates, I mean it. I am not kidding. I read 1-2 words and if bloggers do not say, “I’m in, let’s work”, I label the email as spam and forget the blogger forever. Thinking that I am kidding, joking or bluffing, or flat out not reading my words, leads to a terrible outcome on your end. Good luck trying to build a blogging business from the spam folder. Hey; I warned ya. Not my fault. All your fault.

Respect professional bloggers. Put yourself in their cyber shoes. I only adopted this spam everything not serious business policy because I wasted hours upon hours over the years going back and forth with cheap, greedy, desperate bloggers who tried like hell to get my time and attention, pleading that I build my entire blogging business model on their budget. One day, the light bulb went off; either pay my rate or I spam your email replies. I had it. I laid out everything in a clear, to the point, direct ad page. All details laid out along with a clear warning, if bloggers do not respect me and my time enough to read all words on my ad page AND to trust what I say, every single blogger who does not follow my explicit instructions needs to pay the price.

Hey; nothing personal, guys. I am just looking for the 25th hour every day. Simply read every word of my emails, process every word and trust me. I am not kidding, joking or bluffing. Respect fellow bloggers enough to believe their emails, the first time…..or pay the blogging price 😉


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